The mission of the Al-Hafeez Initiative is targeted toward the High Risk Youth population ranging from ages 13-25, in the Inner City of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools. The Al-Hafeez Initiative has four key components: Faith-Based Building, Community Mobilization & Organizing, Public Education & Awareness, and respecting Law Enforcement.


Our purpose is to help change the mindset the Youth have towards violence and homocide as social norms. Conflict Mediators come from the same background as the High-Risk Youth, but have changed their lives. That's what makes them effective at the ground level, intercepting street whispers and Historical Gang conflicts that would have resulted in violence. The Mediators assist in building a vibrant community. Once Conflict Mediators resolve a conflict and get the participant to buy into the Campaign that "You Don't Have To Murder Somebody To Resolve Conflict", the participant is introduced to The Al-Hafeez Initiative. Al-Hafeez outreach workers engage the participant in a needs assessment and evaluation to assist each person based on their level of need, e.g. providing transportation to Court, Probation appointments, GED or College enrollment classes. We offer Behavior, Spiritual, Emotional, Pyschological, referrals and support along with Substance Abuse treatment and referrals. The participant is introduced to a global perspective so they may become a productive member of society.


Since its establishment in 2009, The Al-Hafeez Initiative has resolved countless conflicts that would have resulted in arrests, retaliations, and homicides due to Gang, Domestic, or Interpersonal violence. We offer Agricultural Development, Community Gardening, Girl Scout Troop #27786, Drumming Circles, a Before and After School Program, a Community Cafe, as well as marital and individual counseling services. These programs are structured as a Safe Haven for kids and adults alike, where they can recieve Food, Shelter, and Mentorship.